Case Study.

University of the West of England

Maintenance of Honeywell GENT Fire Alarm System

University of West of England

The University of the West of England (UWE) is a large and diverse institution with over 30,000 students and staff.  The campus consists of several buildings with a wide range of functions and uses, such as lecture halls, laboratories, libraries, sports facilities and accommodation.  

The chosen system for this site is the Honeywell Gent fire alarm system, a state-of-the-art high performance solution, which offers reliability and flexibility for a wide range of applications.  The system uses S-Quad multi-sensor detectors that combine smoke, heat and carbon monoxide sensing with integrated visual alarm devices (VADs) which comply with the EN 54-23 standard.  The system incorporates bespoke voice alarm messages which can be tailored to different scenarios and locations.

Defensor Life Safety Systems was tasked with ensuring that the Honeywell Gent fire alarm system was functioning at optimum performance and meeting the needs of the University.  To achieve this, Defensor performed regular inspections, testing and servicing the fire alarm system using Honeywell Gent’s CLSS software tools which enable remote and on-site access to system data and diagnostics. Defensor also provided training and support to the University’s staff on how to operate and maintain the system effectively.

By maintaining the Honeywell Gent fire alarm system at UWE, Defensor helped enhance the safety and security of the campus, as well as reduce false alarms and operations costs.  The project demonstrated Defensor’s expertise and professionalism in delivering high-quality fire protections services to their clients.

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