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Commercial Fire and Life Safety Systems.

Commercial Fire Alarms.

Defensor are are specialists in commercial fire alarm systems.  As well as offering you a full fire safety system solution (design, installation, commissioning and maintenance) we understand that successful service delivery extends way beyond project completion.  
Defensor are also happy to advise and implement integration with third-party systems.  Our priority is the safety of your people and property.  We have every confidence in our expertise and so can work flexibly within whatever parameters are specified by you. 

Automatic Opening Vents.

Often to be found within the roof of stairwells and corridors, Automatic Opening Vents
(AOV’s ) allow the external ventilation of smoke and heat which has developed as a result of fire inside the building.

Emergency Systems.

In the event of an emergency incident, having a plan in place and being able to execute it successfully will make the difference between saving lives and loosing lives.  Emergency Systems are an essential part of your overall fire and life safety strategy.  Defensor is able to supply a vast array of different emergency systems and our highly skilled team can advise you on what your legal obligations are and the equipment most appropriate to your needs.

Security Systems.

Ensuring that your premises is completely secure is fundamental to the success of your business.  Commercial security systems need to be appropriate,  robust, varied and scaleable, which sets them apart from residential systems.   Businesses require security which incorporates much more advanced technology and addresses much more than just the building perimeter, entry and exit points.  

Gas Suppression.

The air that surrounds us every day contains around 21% Oxygen.  Although not ideal, we are able to survive with a minimum of 12% Oxygen.  Fire, however, requires a level of 15% or above in order for combustion to take place.

Gas suppression systems (also called clean agent fire suppression systems) extinguish fire by suppressing the oxygen levels in the atmosphere.  This is done by the release of an inert gas or combination of gasses into the location.  The gas suppression then reduces the chain reaction which causes combustion.  

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 Would you like to discuss a project?
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