Commercial Fire and Life Safety Services.


Effective fire and life safety system design requires the consideration of many interacting factors.  Fully understanding the requirements and expectations of our client, coupled with the scope of the project, is vital to successful design.


It is essential that your fire alarm and life safety system is professionally and competently installed by a highly skilled engineer. This is an investment for your business and a source of life protection for your staff.  It is also a requirement enshrined in law.  A thorough approach with an attention to detail is all important.


At Defensor, we believe that system installation is only half the story.  You need complete assurance that should the worst happen, your system operates efficiently and effectively precisely when you need it. Our nationwide team of engineers have the training, skills and experience to ensure your system is kept in optimum condition, providing you with total safety.


At Defensor, we have over 25 years of project experience and a proven track record of excellence.  Over this time our product range has been carefully refined and curated to ensure that we offer only the very best systems on the market, embracing the most advanced technology available.  


Defensor provides our clients with a full 360 degree commissioning service which ensure that every step of the design, installation, testing and maintenance scheduling process meets the highest possible standards.

Fire Risk Assessment

Conducting a fire risk assessment is a legal requirement for all UK business premises.  It is also the foundation of all effective fire safety planning.  Defensor is qualified to conduct a thorough assessment for you and recommend actions to enhance your fire safety.

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